Beware of AAron Sirulnick, Ditmas Management & Jonsir Realty

  • Do you like mice?
  • Do you like crappy management?
  • These slumlords do nothing, are real clowns, and have overpriced apts.
  • I have never seen so many people move out because of the managements bad attitude, and lack of integrity.
  • They are wise a**es, and need to be taught a lesson. They harrass their tenants.
  • They rent out crap in Manhattan, while live the LONG ISLAND dream.
  • They could not care less about anyone but their money.




42 Responses to “Beware of AAron Sirulnick, Ditmas Management & Jonsir Realty”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Re: Ditmas Management, Sirulnick — I have lived in one of their UWS Manhattan bldgs. for close to five years. My experience is the exact opposite of what you described. The rent is very reasonable for this area, the bldg. is simple, but clean and well-maintained. I have never seen one cockroach in my apt., let alone mice, and that’s a first in 40 years of renting. I have been treated with nothing but respect by this owner and I treat my bldg. and apt. with respect in return. I think your complaints are crude and sour grapes; if you want the ‘Long Island dream’ then move to Long Island! If you don’t like how your bldg. is run, either make a formal complaint or, good luck trying to find a less expensive one in this housing market!

  2. Ernesto Says:

    This guy Aadolph Sirulnick is a thug.

    While living in one of his buildings, I was accused, by the
    super Pedro Pendejo of “destroying property” , and “starting
    fires” in my appartment. I asked Aadolph to come and check
    that these accusations were false. Pedro just happened not to
    like me for some reason. I phoned Sirulnick and asked him to
    come see for himself. Aadolph decided not to return my calls,
    nor drop by.

    My stay there was turbulent: Aadolph decided to sic his pack
    of wild-dog lawyers on me.
    End of story: Aadolph gave me back a full refund: after I
    returned the appartment spotless and in top condition ( I have
    people who came in and are willing to testify. I have dated
    digital pictures to prove this), there was no evidence whatsoever
    of any sign of destroyed property, nor of any of the fires I had
    allegedly started ( I will be posting my pictures soon).

    Now, do you think anything was done to Pedro, the lying Super,
    after my deposit was returned in full ?. No, Pedro continues to
    work there, and last I heard, he had gone on a two-week vacation.

    Now, let’s recap:
    1) I was accused of setting fires and destroying property in
    my appartment.

    2) I asked Aadolph to come see for himself.

    3) Aadolph never bothers to come see for himself.

    4) Aadolph returns my full deposit, implicitly admitting that there
    was no damage made to his property by me.

    5) Aadolph never apologizes in any way, much less does
    aadolph offer any compensation, nor even mild regrets.

    6)Pedro P., the Super who falsely accused me,
    is neither fired , nor even reprimended by aadolph S.
    Apparently aadolph believes that accusing a
    tenant falsely is not a major issue.

    Now, my understanding of what happened is this: I chose to
    live in an area that is somewhat-conservative. My living style
    at that moment was somewhat-Bohemian. My dress and appearence
    were unconvential.
    This apparently bothered Pedro, together with
    some of the other tenants. Mind you, these are tenants who do not
    care wether you live-or-die, but they do believe that you should
    live in a way that pleases them. Some tenants accused me, and
    Pedro, being spineless, on top of being a complete imbecil ( I
    am talking about being an imbecil, nothing to see with formal education)
    went along.

    It is also the case that Pedro P , the super is one
    of the stupidest people I ever met. He cannot speak neither
    English , after living in this country , (by his own admission)
    for 40 years. But Pedro does not speak Spanish either —
    Spanish is his native tongue. Now, I guess pedro pendejo
    is skilled-enough for his job, so aadolph decided to keep him.
    aadolph sees nothing wrong in having an unethical and spineless
    person working for him.

    Aadolph Sirulnick: you are a thug.

    To All: Rent with aadolph S. at your own risk.

  3. ernesto Says:

    An update:
    After being hounded, harassed and falsely accused by aadolph
    sirulnick, I have been living problem-free for three years.

    I have been renting for 18 years now, and it is only with aadolph sirulnick that I have had any problems. Don’t get me wrong; I have had disagreements with landlords at times, but we have been able to talk things out as people, and we never had any need to bring up a pack of attack-dog lawyers. Much less using the pack as a first resource without even bothering to talk things out.

    aadolph sirulnick: in case you are reading this, let me suggest a motto for you:

    “Don’t let little things like decency and a conscience get in the way
    of doing business”.

  4. Ronald Says:

    Aadolph – never, never, never rent from him. He will treat you like dirt. He does not care what your living conditions are (eg rats) he just wants his money.

  5. Jane Says:

    This blog is complete lies from two lowlife people that were evicted and are just angry and have no legitimate way to vent. “P1ssed” was a steroid abusing body builder who use to have constant yelling matches and fights with his girlfriend, to the point that the police were called by other residents of the building. He was finally evicted for not paying his rent, to the delight of his neighbors. I have lived in the building for over 15 years and can happily attest to the cleanliness and high standards the building is kept to, it is wonderful. I would highly recommend living in any building Mr. Sirulnick managed. As for Ernesto, anyone who is intentionally starting fires in their apartment should be in jail, let alone evicted. It’s sad that the internet can be used to defame and slander, and used to post 100% outright lies.

  6. ernesto Says:

    You misunderstood (intentionally.?) my post: I was _accussed_

    of starting fires. I _never_ started a fire.

    I received a _full_ refund of my deposit, which is an admission

    by Adolph, that he received the appartment from me in good condition.

    Aadolph sirulnick has no problem with this: his accusations were

    obviously false. sirulnick has no remorse for accusing someone

    falsely and then going to the temple on the day of atonement,

    pretending to be a moral person.

    I _repeatedly_ asked adolph sirulnick to drop by

    and check that pedro’s accusations were false. sirulnick never did

  7. U PPL R VERY MEAN Says:

    you people are insensitive! AARON is a very good guy and he did nothing wrong!

  8. Aaron Sirulnick is Says:

    This post surely can’t be about the same Aaron Sirulnick, son of Sanford Sirulnick, of Ditmas Management Co. There must be another Aaron Sirulnick, who is the son to a Sanford Sirulnick, who is an owner of Ditmas Management Co. – another Aaron Sirulnick who owns buildings in Manhattan and Forest Hills. There is absolutely no way that Aaron Sirulnick, of Ditmas Management Co. fame, could be any of the things mentioned in the above posts.

    In fact, Aaron Sirulnick is such a great landlord – that his tenants have actually googled his name (“Aaron Sirulnick”) to express their unsolicited support! Aaron Sirulnick’s defenders above are clearly not his family, friends or employees. No, Aaron Sirulnick’s white knights are obviously good-natured tenants who are sticking up for always-underdog – Aaron Sirulnick! I mean, what a tremendous landlord Aaron Sirulnick of Ditmas Management Co. must be in order to inspire such a commitment of time and effort (googling Aaron Sirulnick and then writing about Aaron Sirulnick) from his own tenants.

    It is evident that all of the negative articles written about Aaron Sirulnick, all of the negative blogs written about Aaron Sirulnick and Ditmas Management, all of the ensuing litigation involving Aaron Sirulnick of Ditmas Management and the general bad reputation that Aaron Sirulnick and Ditmas Management definitely have are completely unjustified. The Internet public should definitely rely on the testimonials of Aaron Sirulnick’s satisfied tenants – who, by the way, are definitely his tenants and not his family members and/or employees writing in his defense.

    Just to be clear, this is the same Aaron Sirulnick, son of Sanford Sirulnick, who works at Ditmas Management Company, which is located at 505 Chestnut Street Cedarhurst, NY 11516 with the phone number (516) 374-7000, right?

  9. Ernesto Says:

    Really, ” It is evident”? Very objective. I will teach you the correct use of the word “evident”, mr “obviously” :

    I do know that I was falsely accused by one of aadolph’s landlords, one criminal pedro v, the super, one of the nastiest people I have ever met. pedro v falsely accused me of destroying property in the appartment, which I vehemently denied. I _repeatedly_ asked Sirulnick to come see for himself that pedro v’s accusations were false.
    Sirulnick, who lived just _blocks_ from the appartment at the time, never bothered to spend 20 minutes of his time listening to my side of the story, or just coming and seeing for himself. Instead, _ as a first resort_ , Sirulnick started issuing threats to me by mail, and through pedro, and sic’d his pack of lawyers on me. pedro, the super, believed he was the king, forgetting that he is not just aadolph’s, but also _our ( the tennants’) employee_ , and _never_ made any effort to work things out with me. Now I don’t expect pedro to cater to all my needs, but the bastard made no effort whatsoever to work things out, despite the fact that I help pay his salary; I believe this entitles me to expect an effort from his part to work things out. Yet pedro scoffed at the notion alone of listening to me and trying to work things out.

    So, how did the story end? I returned the appartment _in perfect condition_ , and I have witnesses and pictures to back this up –I may use this evidence some day. I received my _full deposit_ back ( and I have the check receipt from the bank to prove it –which I may also use some day), an implicit admission if there ever was one, that the damage I was accused of causing never took place. Now, do you believe sirulnick expressed any regret, any qualms for having accused me falsely and for having harrassed me on-and-off on false grounds for 2 years?


    is possible for me to have destroyed property, and yet have returned the appartment IN PERFECT CONDITION?????? I mean, no outside workers not approved of by aadolph were allowed into the building. Explain to me why I received my _full_ deposit back? Is this typical of situations when the tennant returns an appartment in bad condition?

    AADOLPH: how is it possible for me to have “started fires” in my appartment’s kitchen, and yet I was able to return the kitchen IN PERFECT CONDITION?

    Did pedro v , the one who initiated all the false accusations lose his job?


    actually, last I heard, pedro had taken a two-week vacation . This is the way aadolph treats employees of his who lie and harass tennants of his.

    Now, let’s consider the following:

    I have been renting for around 20 years now; for around 15 years when I rented from aadolph. I had _never_ had to resort to legal threats to solve my disagreements with landlords–and I have never had to do so since. Now, am I claiming to be a perfect tennant, and to have never had problems with my landlords? No, but all the disagreements between me and my landlords have been resolved, _by talking things out _ . Now, aadolph _never_ made an effort to talk things out, _despite my repeated requests_ and he repeatedly refused to visit my appartment to see for himself –despite the fact that he lived _ a few blocks from the appartment_. aadolph used threats _ as a first resort_, not after having unsuccessfully tried to work things out, which is what a decent person would do .

    And, by the way, if you do not believe my claim about my track record on renting: do you believe if I had a horrible track record, that aadolph would have agreed to rent me an appartment? I have now lived in the same place for _ four years_ . My landlord and I have had disagreements; guess what, though? We have been able to talk and to work things out in a way that left us both satisfied.

    Now, Mr “it’s evident” : I challenge you to prove me wrong. Tell me where my case breaks down.

    I have made my _specific_ point . Try proving me wrong, and let other readers decide. As far as I am concerned, aadolph is a scumbag.

    Go to hell, aadolph.

    And try some different lame tricks next time, I did not bite.

  10. evelyn middleton Says:

    11/23/2011, day before thanksgiving.
    I came home today at 7:00 PM, there was no heat when I came in and until now I am typing up this email which is 11:23 PM, there is still no heat. The outside temperature is 40 degrees. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. This sure does feel like a cold holiday season as a tenant of the building under your management.

    As a property manager, please address this issue promptly and adjust the thermostat and temperature control of the heating devices so that tenants in this building can have heat during the cold weather. I have lived in this building for almost 4 years, and there has never been any heat issues except this year. A new property manager was assigned and since our long time super has passed has passed away, we do notice the deterioration of the condition of this building. Tenants’ requests have been neglected, tenants’ basic right like heat and hot water left unprotected . My balcony is still such bad shape. The balcony re-construction takes too long and is apparently being mismanaged.

  11. LOL brother, just LOL Says:

    LOL Aaron, just LOL @ your legacy/general reputation
    People google your name and literally the first thing that comes up is an entire blog entry, updated periodically throughout the years, by your disgruntled tenants!!!
    The second thing that comes up? LOL brother, just LOL @ your twitter pic of you waterskiing.

  12. Aaron Sirulnick Says:

    LOL Aaron Sirulnick. Few months later and you are still RACKING UP negative reviews from your tenants.
    Quick question, Aaron: what is it like to have never worked for anything in your entire life? You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and you don’t even have the wit or ambition to do anything relevant to your own interests! Only taking over daddy’s business. He is the true alpha in the family, obviously. You, on the other hand, are a pure beta, through and through. (He is probably deeply embarrassed of you, imagining his father turning in his grave at what could have been.) A prime example of a bitch made, rich loser with no purpose in life and no accomplishments of his own.
    LOL @ your life, brother. I know small business owners, with no education or pedigree, who live much more fulfilling, richer lives than you will ever know – because you will never know the beauty of creating your own wealth/destiny/fortune/legacy. You are merely a human intermediary of wealth-transfer, from one generation to the next. The worst part is you don’t even have any sons to potentially salvage your horrible legacy.
    LOL Aaron Sirulnick. L O L

  13. Kimberly Says:

    Having lived in one of their buildings for the past year, I have to agree with the majority of people here. Since moving in, we have not been able to hang curtains as everywhere you try to put a nail, screw, or anchor comes out with massive holes and flying paint chips, the radiator grill was painted into a position that left one sharp edge sticking out to scratch yourself on, the cabinets in the kitchen have melted from the normal use (3-4x week for no more than 45 minutes at temps around 375) of the stove/oven, a disgusting bag of garbage was found tucked into the wall behind the stove/oven, clumps of rust running from the shower head, excessive amounts of roaches despite an exterminator, water stains, broken door knobs that the super refused to fix even after he was told that a stranger had entered the apartment because of the inability to properly lock the door, no smoke detector even though they make you pay for one and assure you that it will be installed, window screens that easily pop out if you touch them because the frame for the screen is a bendable PLASTIC instead of metal, no hot water in the shower (minimum hot water temp is supposed to be 120 degrees by law and even cranked at it’s highest is barely over the 60 degree mark and maybe 80 degrees on a good day, windows that do not close properly (if you try to close the bottom portion of the window, the top portion slides down) and do not lock (especially the one leading to the fire escape), and finally, they will not answer any phone calls or acknowledge any emails sent to them regarding any issue. The super is deplorable as well and other tennants have told myself and my partner that if you do not speak spanish then you had better bring in someone else to do your repairs because the super will refuse to help you fix a problem (it took him from august of last year to this past march to fix the doorknob issue and even claimed he had come to the apt to fix it but no one was home even though there is ALWAYS someone home in my case and it took him months to install the screens in the windows which promptly fell out of the casing within a month).

  14. LOL Says:

    LOL, Aaron Sirulnick! Another satisfied tenant!!! Brother, I know you are reading this. Even someone with such deep-seeded insecurities, like you, has some ego left in his shell of a soul. At least enough to Google yourself. I hope you are at least laughing about this more than you are crying. LOL brother. Just LOL.

  15. gail Says:

    Aaron sirlnick should be forced to live in one of his many mice, waterbugs and cockroach infested apartments! All he cares about is getting his money. And the super of my building is another looser who lies and never shows up to do his work….( unless you have big boobs and a bottle of booze).And kimberly, those windows are a serious violation and should be reported to 311 who will file the complaint for you. I had the same problem and years later im still experiencing pain from dealing with those broken sashes on my windows

  16. Good Taster Says:

    Aaron Sirulnick is fundamentally a thief, unworthy of being called “landlord.” His buidings are horribly managed, cannot guarantee quiet and peaceful living because of their physical condition and tenants whose misconduct never gets penalized by Ditmas, which doesn’t carefully select them. You should see the condition of our laundry: always incredibly dirty. Since I left Ditmas five years ago, I been living more than decently, and happy to pay the rent to a landlord that knows its job and pursue it with honesty and correctness.

  17. Aaron Sirulnick LOL Says:

    LOL. Aaron Sirulnick, crying, losing hope, DESPERATELY phoning his lawyer asking what he can do about this website, whining, “What do you MEAN ‘public forum’?!” LOL, brother. Just LOL @ your STELLAR reputation, both in real life and on the Internet.

  18. Kimberly Says:

    He sent me such a nasty letter after I complained to him about the building’s conditions saying that I had no right to present him with a “laundry list” of complaints! It’s his building and therefore I did have the right to do so. He then told me that because the building was built in the 30s OF COURSE there was going to be asbestos and it isn’t his problem unless it is exposed. GUESS WHAT? Because of all the water damage to the building, there are several gaping holes in my walls which, you guessed it, exposed the asbestos. He then complained that I didn’t have the right to call in a housing inspector when I filed a complaint about there not being a fire alarm or CO detector installed prior to my move in despite it being the law that he had to have had them installed before a new tenant moves in if they aren’t there in the first place. Don’t even get me started on the roaches in the laundry room which, no joking, are the size of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and are laying dead all over the floor. Also, he tried to have me evicted for not paying rent. I called patty in accounts and found out that my rent check was sitting on someone’s desk THE WHOLE TIME because the person was on vacation! And again, I turn on my tap today to wash some dishes and sh*t-brown water comes pouring out.

    This guy is such a joke. I’m starting to think a class action suit should be brought against him for the way he manages his buildings. For someone who owns 17 buildings in NY, you would think he would have learned how to run them and his company.

    By the way, all my problems from April? Still there. What an unbelievable joke this man is.

  19. gail Says:

    I guess nothing has changed Kimberly. That slumlord wrote me a similar letter in response to the led, rats,waterbugs etc etc etc. Contact the dept of buildings, make complaints! a class action suits sounds like a great idea. but good luck. Contact housing court and request an inspector. The violatations on my place were soooo bad. He had to pay a pretty penny. Hit him where it hurts cause frankly he doesnt give a crap about his buildings just the money. Check out all the politicians he contributes too. Its no wonder he is able to continue to let his building crumble and still get that outrageous rent!

  20. Aaron Sirulnick Says:

    LOL @ the idea that any of those politicians actually know who Aaron or his third-tier real estate family are.

  21. akikko Says:

    Hi i was going to see an available apartment in 245 w75 Apt 5D and saw this site. Can the current tenants tell me the conditions in this building and if it is a good idea to move in? thanks everyone

  22. gail Says:

    This management company is great for hiding problems behind freshly painted walls. I will Never rent from Ditmas again. Akikko, I suggest going to the dept of buildings website and putting in that particular apt. Any violations on that particular apt will be listed there. The city is finally going after these slumlords and they are receiving heavy fines for what they dont do. My personal suggestion is dont rent from them!

  23. Says:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching
    for clip

  24. JP Says:

    Been living in one of Ditmas Management’s apartments for 2 months and dealing with constant, everyday, all day excessive noise from the tenants above me.

    Ditmas Management has refused to do anything to help with the issues and I am now learning the extent of how nasty and disrespectful Aaron Sirulnick is. He does not return any phone calls and the one time I was able to get him on the phone, I found myself speaking with the rudest jerkoff I have ever spoken to in my life. This was followed with rude letters as well.

    Bottom line is that Aaron Sirulnick doesn’t care one bit about tenants rights and he is the biggest SOB out there. All he cares about is his money.

    Somebody needs to teach this individual some respect and from reading the comments left here, a class action suit would be more than reasonable.

    Has anybody pursued legal action against this dirtbag?

  25. gail Says:

    Good luck jp! Everyhting you said is so true. My life will never be the same from those unscrupulous lawyers they have working for them in housing. if i had a cellphone when i was in court things would have been much different. Always a good idea to go to the NYC dept of building website and put in your address. They cant hide the violations. And take it from there. Make sure you have a written complaint sent to ditmas and if nothing becomes of it file a complaint with your local police dept. Dont know where your apt is or what boro but there are certain rules such as carpeting above you. I would also suggest that if youhave a cellphone audio record the noise. your phone will have date and time documented. Good Luck.

  26. Kimberly Says:

    At least you were able to get him on the phone! I simply received nasty letters in response to trying to get a response about lead paint, water damage, and screens that pop out of the windows. I have reported them numerous times to HPD about a number of violations over the past 2 years but nothing is ever done about it. Unfortunately, I had to renew my lease for another year and am stuck here until next year. At least the horribly loud woman downstairs was evicted recently and I don’t have to listen to her television at 3am.

  27. gail Says:

    Landlords, especially Ditmas are very good at hiding those leaks! And lead is a big concern. My apt was filled with it and the abatement they were forced to do was a nightmare. If you have children lving with you, Lead is taken very seriously! NYC and the dept of buildings is taking these complaints more seriously. Kimberly I would suggest going to housing court and speaking with someone from Task Force. And housing inspectors are very serious about water leaks and lead. Cant hurt to speak with someone at housing court and as previously noted check your apt out on the dept of buildings website. Any previous complaints will be there.

  28. Kimberly Says:

    Just thought I’d let everyone know about a gas leak in my apartment and how they are dealing with it. Short answer: The super turned off the stove . My partner and I have now been a week without a stove with no end in sight!
    Let’s start at the beginning. I’ve been posting on here to let everyone know how one building is being managed. Last week, my partner and I were coming back from an ultrasound appointment (yep! pregnant and dealing with these people! Hormones rejoice!) and from the hallway we could smell the overpowering smell of gas. We called the super but he took his time getting upstairs (he lives in the building and it takes him hours just to get upstairs). In that time, I locked myself and my cats in the bedroom while my partner waited for the super to show. Both of us became seriously ill just from the fumes despite all the windows (those that could be opened anyways) being open. The super himself did not come but someone else. I assume a plumber or electrician but who knows. He said he couldn’t smell anything. He then admitted that he probably didn’t notice because he spends all day smelling gas. Okay, reasonable, but when you stand in the hall you can still smell it so I call bs. The stove was turned off. The gas smell went away. A few hours later, the super finally shows up and checks the pilot light (duh! That was the first thing we checked!) but everything was lit after he turned the gas back on. He spent about 15 minutes doing nothing but pretending to look busy while insisting it wasn’t gas. After he left, everything was okay for a couple hours until the smell came back. We called 911 and, because the super does not answer any calls (like he really answers his phone anyway) after 9pm and it was 10, I went to the lobby and continuously rang his buzzer until his wife responded with a nasty “What’s wrong?” and I let her know the gas was back. The super showed before the fire dept and turned off the gas again. I started fanning out the apartment and by the time the fire dept showed there was no more gas smell and we received the craziest looks from the team that showed up. Our stove has been off ever since. That was last week. Since then, my partner has been trying to call the super but his phone has been off the hook. He finally called Ditmas today to speak to the building manager who had apparently heard of our gas issues but did nothing to find out what exactly was going on. The super finally showed up and then promptly left after trying to tell me that it wasn’t gas but paint. If someone can explain to me how gas smells like paint and the smell magically goes away after the stove is turned off then please enlighten me!

  29. gail Says:

    Call the Gas company yourself. When I moved into one of their buildings i had a problem with my stove too. Then it was brooklyn union gas company. On the assumtion that you pay your own gas,.call national Grid. I could be wrong but the super isnt supposed to be playing around with your stove. Only Licensed Plumbers. On a side note I once thought I was smelling gas in my apt. It turned out to be a particular flower that I was smelling. Better to be safe then Sorry. Call National Grid. They will come out immediately and they have a special spray that they use to test for any leakage. Mine was turned off the first week of living in the building and a card was put on it saying the card was not to be removed until it was properly repaired. Also get yourself a carbon monoxide detector. That will let you know for sure if its your stove your smelling. And yes sometimes when they paint…especially the metal pipe that goes from ceiling to floor it could have a similiar smell to gas. Good luck!! And congrats! Now give thought to any cracks in your walls. My walls had lead in them and the abatement was a nightmare. They put acid on all the door frames and the heating pipes and covered the walls with a special paint. I still lost my case and even though my children and I will always miss our :”home” of 14 years I will NEVER EVER RENT FROM ANY BUILDING CONNECTED TO DITMAS OR SIRLNICK. NOTHING BUT MONEY MONGERS!!

  30. Candace Clements Says:

    Living in a Ditmas property 39 years. Aaron has no problem refusing to do ANY repairs nor maintenance in a senior citizen’s rent stabilized apartment. Not a shock. What I don’t understand is why he doesn’t respond to a waterfall leak in my bathroom coming through a window painted shut (from an air vent inhabited by a restaurant’s ducts) which undermines the integrity of his building???? Some think he is waiting for the building to fall apart then tear it down. He forces tenants to go to court. I have twice (won both times, but he doesn’t learn or doesn’t care), and will be going again. I am dealing with every problem mentioned above and much, much more! A class action suit is exactly what these people need. I’ve invested most of my adult life and income into this dump and didn’t even have heat when it was 8 degrees.

  31. Cynthia Says:

    Call Hpd!! go through 311. Believe me, he got me out with his unscrupulous managers but it cost him thousands in repairs!

  32. Tamara Says:


  33. çynthia Says:

    Aaron and Ditmas management is a slumlord tamara and Ditmas management needs to be on that list! Mice, waterbugs, water name it and they got it! And they get away with it!!! Lead in their walls are now being covered up with plywood. Makes me sick! Corporate greed at its finest.!!!!

  34. Natalia Says:

    I live in a building of this Ditmas Management almost 20 years. I found them very disrespectful and nasty ignore to tenants .Also quality of life very low-such of mess-super never cleaning stairs higher than first floor, because propably building manager in rare visit so lazy to go up.So many emails was sending to building management just ignored

  35. kyleeosborn69974 Says:

    Exactly my sentiments, John. A couple of so far “insurmountable opportunities” in a way:n1. RIA – stations pay per record*audience-hoursn2 Click

  36. Schmuck Says:

    I moved into a building in Forest Hills in March. My dishwasher has been broken since day one and I am finally getting it replaced tomorrow (almost 10 weeks later) after continuously calling the superintendent, the building manager, and the management company. I must mention that there is a roach nest and over 200 dead roaches underneath the dishwasher, plus standing water in the dishwasher. My window lock is broken, there is water damage in one of the window frames, and the place smells absolutely awful (not from my accord). I’m not sure if this is specifically a Ditmas Management problem or renting an apartment from a building management company… however, when my lease is up I’m absolutely moving out and I’m never renting from another building management company again. I have learned my lesson. I highly, HIGHLY encourage you to NOT rent from Ditmas Management. My experience with them has been nothing but negative, and maybe others have had a more positive experience, but I surely haven’t.

  37. cynthia Says:

    Good for you. I lived in forest hills ditmas building. Ditmas is a rotten company and liars. They want their rent and we all paid for vermin, roaches, and lead . There lawyers were sneaky and underhanded and if I could sue them for the damage they caused my family and the health dangers they put me through I would.They paid od the politicians like Weiner whose office knew damn well what I was going through. the day they evicted me I called Weiners office and they hung up on the City Marshall. The super looted my stuff ( all my valuables AND THEN put my stuff, what was left, in a storage unit that i was not permitted to see and charged me twice my rent to get it out before they auctioned it off…..Sirlnick and Ditmas are horrible and NEVER will I rent from a building that has either name or company associated with them

  38. Andrew McKinley Says:

    Jerks and idiots on this message board. These are the type of people who believe the world owes them something, and refuse to be held responsible for any of their actions, or understand how businesses operate. I have lived in a Ditmas building in Forest Hills for 27 years now, and I have enjoyed it. Have there been maintenance hiccups every now and then? Yes – but Ditmas’ staff has always responded and treated it in a timely, professional manner. One time I had an issue with my kitchen, and Aaron himself came to see me, and develop a plan to fix the issue. I would imagine this sort of personal attention, from an owner mind you, is not common in other real estate companies. “Corporate greed at its finest” is hardly a term that can be applied to a solid organization like this. Those who have had problems with management usually have other issues in their lives as well, whether financial or personal. Slandering your landlord to make up for your sad lives is no way to make things better.

  39. Natalia Says:

    I totally agree, all time we renting the we got a lot of problem, went through very disrespect, harassment, such of lazy super and snobby management, who think they in charge of everything. I got million harassment letters from them, regarding a little plant and small ball to fitting birds on fair stair -it’s a very big deal, they usedsatisfied mail! ? In a same time building super park his car to block fair escape stair -god for bit in case evacuation tenants will have a trouble to leave building -and belive or not they don’t care about this major problem. I am sure someone will give them lesson.

  40. Aaron Sirulnick is now a lobbyist for terrible landlords Says:

    Andrew McKinley – does it occur to you, inside that pea-sized mind of yours, that other people did not have similar experiences to the one you likely made up? What a useful little idiot you are to so passionately come to the defense of your feudal lord!

  41. Coach Says:

    In your experience how has Ditmas responded to calls about bed bugs?

  42. B Says:

    I moved into a Ditmas building in July and the entire process has been incredible and amazing. They were so very nice to me during the application process and the super is incredible. The couple things that needed to be fixed after I moved in were fixed in lightning speed. I’m not so sure about all these negative posts about Ditmas, but my experience has been amazing!!

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